May 19 – Emily V

19 05 2010

On Monday Brian Burke gave the keynote address at Eagle Canada’s launch of their new website, The site will offer support and resources to students and educators in hopes that it will help make Canadian schools a place where everyone feels safe, regardless of their sexual or gender identity.

Since the sudden death of his son in February, Brian Burke has become an advocate for change in area that he never would have expected. Take a look at the article from the Globe and Mail and write a post about what it makes you think.

Is Mr Burke to be commended for his actions? Does he and the article raise some important points about equality in sports? Should professional athletes be doing more to be role models? Why do you think that there aren’t more athletes who are willing to come out while they are still competing? Do you think they should? Would it change your perceptions of these athletes?

A touchy subject perhaps, but one that is definitely worth thinking and talking about.

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April 14th – Mike

14 04 2010

Rugby is better than track and field. According to Mike there actually isn’t any room for debate here. Rugby’s superiority over track is a statement of fact, not opinion. Do you agree? Why or why not?

For those of you who are perhaps not that interested in this topic as Rugby is not an option for you at SJK, perhaps you could blog about whether you think it should be? Is there enough interest for girls rugby here at SJK?

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