May 19 – Emilie P

19 05 2010

We are the last group of students to go through Middle School at SJK. No longer will students finish Lower School in grade 5 and move up in the world to the place we have all known and loved for the past 3 years. Lower School to grade 6 and Upper School from grade 7 to 12 is the new model for SJK starting in September.

What do you think of this change? Will it make any difference to us? Do you wish it happened sooner? Or are you sad or nervous to see the three schools become two.

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January 27th – Will

27 01 2010

For this blog post talk about the classes here at school. The ones you like, dislike, or just find boring. Explain the parts of the classes that are the best and the worst; projects, textbook work, or taking notes.

Also if you could remove one class from your schedule what would it be? If you could have more time in one class, which class would you choose? If you could make a change to the schedule what would you change? I would have Wednesday afternoons off and have classes start at 9:30 on Mondays.

Or to make your life easier would you just skip school altogether and do some else entirely? Why?

Posts must be online by midnight Monday February 1st.