May 19 – Hunter

19 05 2010

This week the blog topic is about blogging. I want to know how you liked it. If you thought it was a good idea, what parts did you like about it. If you didn’t like it what would you change? What should be done instead of it? Maybe you thought writing journal entries was better, if so why? You can answer these questions or write whatever you want, but be respectful and helpful.

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May 19 – Emilie P

19 05 2010

We are the last group of students to go through Middle School at SJK. No longer will students finish Lower School in grade 5 and move up in the world to the place we have all known and loved for the past 3 years. Lower School to grade 6 and Upper School from grade 7 to 12 is the new model for SJK starting in September.

What do you think of this change? Will it make any difference to us? Do you wish it happened sooner? Or are you sad or nervous to see the three schools become two.

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May 19 – The Cove

19 05 2010

You doubted the ability of a documentary to get and hold your attention. You said they were boring, filled with information and old men who narrate endless facts you will never remember. Then you were forced to watch The Cove and you were given a different example of documentary in action – perhaps even documentary at it’s best.

Write a post in reaction to the film. What did it make you think about? How did it challenge your current ideas? Did it anger you? Are you ready to do something about the issues it raised or have you forgotten about it already? What was it about the film that held your attention? Would you watch more documentaries if they were a similar style to The Cove?

Or write a post about the issues discussed in the film. If you’re looking for information check out and the blog post about what has happened since the film was released.

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May 19 – Emily V

19 05 2010

On Monday Brian Burke gave the keynote address at Eagle Canada’s launch of their new website, The site will offer support and resources to students and educators in hopes that it will help make Canadian schools a place where everyone feels safe, regardless of their sexual or gender identity.

Since the sudden death of his son in February, Brian Burke has become an advocate for change in area that he never would have expected. Take a look at the article from the Globe and Mail and write a post about what it makes you think.

Is Mr Burke to be commended for his actions? Does he and the article raise some important points about equality in sports? Should professional athletes be doing more to be role models? Why do you think that there aren’t more athletes who are willing to come out while they are still competing? Do you think they should? Would it change your perceptions of these athletes?

A touchy subject perhaps, but one that is definitely worth thinking and talking about.

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May 19 – Lizzie

19 05 2010

Why don’t sequels ever live up to their original book or movie? Well, this is your chance to “write” a wrong! If you didn’t like the sequel, change it! Choose a book or movie and outline the plot to your standards. You could even plan out your own sequel to a book or movie that doesn’t have one. You could decide to select a mush romance, or you could go for a high-action thriller. I know I’ve mulled a few ideas over in my head. I like the sound of:

Batman 3: “There’s a Hole in My Cape”

Indiana Jones 5: “In Search of My Map”

Transformers 4: “Another Fender Bender”

Jason and the Argonauts: “Where’s my Helmet?”

So go ahead and have some fun! You never know your sequel could be the next huge summer blockbuster!

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May 15 – Maddie

12 05 2010

Summer vacation is so close we can almost taste it. The anticipation makes sitting in class day in and day out almost impossible. Adding to this is the fact the we are finally moving up in the world and our days in Middle School are coming to an end.

Looking back on the year what were your favourite parts? What were the moments, events or projects that you absolutely would never want to relive? If you could magically go back, change and redo any aspect of your grade 8 year what would it be?

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May 12 – What’s in a Name?

12 05 2010

Your name is your first label. It identifies who you are to the rest of the world. It’s actually an incredibly important part of who each of us is. Yet we don’t get any say in what our name will be – unless you’re Picabo Street. At the same time most names have a long history to them, our parents put a lot of thought into the decision or the name is passed down from generation to generation.

How did you get your name? How does it define you? If you had the opportunity would you rename yourself or keep it? If you were to rename yourself what would it be and why?

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May 12 – Brendan

12 05 2010

You’ve done it. You’ve finally finished school and it’s time to move out on your own and face the world. But where would you move to? Would you stay close to home and continue to live in the community you grew up in? Or would start your future life in a new place? Will you go where your career takes you? Or will decide on the place in the world you want to live and start a career there?

If you could live the rest of your life in any place, where would you choose and why?

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May 12 – Gabi

12 05 2010

If you could “boldly go where no man has gone before” in the spirit of the original Star Trek series, where would you go? If you had the ability to travel to any planet or corner of the galaxy where would you go and why?

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May 5 – Fiona

5 05 2010

Everyone loves a nice warm drink on a cold day or a refreshing cool beverage to break the heat of a sticky summer afternoon.

For some it’s the best part of an early morning hockey practice to stop at the local Tim Horton’s for a warm drink and Timbits (at least that’s what their TV commercials tell me anyway).

For others perhaps it’s the status of a crisp white cup with its prominent green circle held in their hands that just screams, “Yes, I am sophisticated enough to order a unique drink from Starbucks!”

But what do you prefer? Is it Tim Horton’s of Starbucks?

Where do your brand allegiances lie? Do you stick with the simple goodness of a great Canadian company? Or do you prefer the unique possibilities of a custom-made to order drink from Starbucks? Or maybe you can’t stand the thought of chain-beverage companies and you hunt out that perfect cup of steaming hot chocolate from a local independent coffee shop. Whatever your preference, your readers and beverage companies everywhere want to know!

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