May 19 – The Cove

19 05 2010

You doubted the ability of a documentary to get and hold your attention. You said they were boring, filled with information and old men who narrate endless facts you will never remember. Then you were forced to watch The Cove and you were given a different example of documentary in action – perhaps even documentary at it’s best.

Write a post in reaction to the film. What did it make you think about? How did it challenge your current ideas? Did it anger you? Are you ready to do something about the issues it raised or have you forgotten about it already? What was it about the film that held your attention? Would you watch more documentaries if they were a similar style to The Cove?

Or write a post about the issues discussed in the film. If you’re looking for information check out and the blog post about what has happened since the film was released.

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May 19 – Lizzie

19 05 2010

Why don’t sequels ever live up to their original book or movie? Well, this is your chance to “write” a wrong! If you didn’t like the sequel, change it! Choose a book or movie and outline the plot to your standards. You could even plan out your own sequel to a book or movie that doesn’t have one. You could decide to select a mush romance, or you could go for a high-action thriller. I know I’ve mulled a few ideas over in my head. I like the sound of:

Batman 3: “There’s a Hole in My Cape”

Indiana Jones 5: “In Search of My Map”

Transformers 4: “Another Fender Bender”

Jason and the Argonauts: “Where’s my Helmet?”

So go ahead and have some fun! You never know your sequel could be the next huge summer blockbuster!

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January 13th – Tristan

13 01 2010

There are so many famous books that have been made into famous movies(Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings for example) Between the book or movie, which do you find better?

And what advantages or disadvantages are there to a big screen adaption?

Does it let a character stand out more based on look or are they overwhelmed by what’s around them, express your opinion and have fun.

p.s. Will, if you want to go on a rant, you can.

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