April 21st

21 04 2010

Watch the 2 YouTube videos below. I imagine that Lost Generation is quite famous by now as I’ve personally received it as a forward 3 or 4 times. The End of Publishing as We Know It, I just came across in a blog I follow this week and I assume it is a spin-off of the original, but I could be wrong.

Two options for you to consider for your blog topic:

1. What do you think of the message both of these people are trying to share with the world? Do you fit into the descriptions of a generation that they are creating? Do you think their first description of your generation is truly how others see you? Do you agree with what they have to say?

2. Try and write your own “rewind rant” – it does not have to be on a similar topic but the idea would be that your reader is given one message when it’s read through the first time and then by reading the lines in reverse the second time they get the exact opposite message. Every time I watch these videos I am amazed by the skill it must have taken to compose them and I am confident that you have those same skills!

January 6th

6 01 2010

Watch the attached “Did You Know?” video and try your best to answer it’s concluding question: So what does it all mean?

There are a lot of unique statistics strung together to tell an interesting story in this video. Do not worry if you don’t quite understand what every statistic means. Focus on what message you believe the video creators are trying to send. What will be the impact on your future, given all the information you have just viewed?

If commenting on the video as a whole feels like too much to take on, choose just a segment of the video to focus on.

Remember, two to three paragraphs is the expectation. Try and think of a creative way to hook your audience and finish with a bang. Your post must be online by midnight January 11th.

Next week’s post topic will be decided by Tristan.