Another topic idea…

1 04 2010

Since we’re short a topic this week I thought I’d post the video 7B shared in chair chapel this week. Watch it again and let everyone know what you think of it.

Do you agree? Is it more important to be a first follower than the lone nut? Can you think of examples where this is the case – or not the case?

Do you think it’s harder to be the lone nut or the first followers?

Only a few non-7B students got up and danced, what do you think was holding everyone else back?

October 21st

21 10 2009

MS Team Building Day is not just a day away from classrooms and textbooks. It is designed to be much more than that. Write a minimum of 3 paragraphs about your team experience at Norval. Some points to consider:

* Discuss something that you believe you or your team did well.
* Discuss what you believe you or your team had trouble with.
* How did the day help you learn anything about being a leader or team member?
* What did the day show you about achieving a goal?
* Overall impressions.

Post must be published by Monday October 26th