October 28th

26 10 2009

On Monday morning SJK listened to some powerful words spoken to us by a truly remarkable woman. “Eva Olsson is a Holocaust survivor. But to the thousands of schoolchildren she speaks to every year, she’s a hero. To watch Eva in action is an inspiration beyond imagining, and the lessons she teaches go far beyond history. She talks of bullying and being a bystander. Of respect and forgiveness, and never giving up … no matter what.”

I will never forget the hour we spent in the chapel together listening to Eva speak to us. To witness a woman share such intimate and unimaginable pain for the sake of the lesson it provides the world is a truly selfless and admirable act.

The requirements for this weeks post are fairly open. Although it may be difficult to remember the photos, or recall parts of Eva’s story, reflecting on the lessons she wanted us to learn is the least we can do.

Write 2 to 3 paragraphs about your reactions to Monday’s presentation. You may write about any aspect of the presentation that you like, but if you are stuck some questions for you to consider are listed below.

* What impacted you the most?
* What will remember for years to come?
* Are there questions you wish you had answers to?
* Have you thought of ways to put Eva’s lessons into practice?
* Of all that Eva shared with us, what do you think is the most important lesson we should remember? What will be the hardest?

Post must be online by Thursday November 5th.