March 31st – Ms Weldon Post

30 03 2010

As we begin your last term of Middle School I want to know what you want to do in Language Arts over the next 2 months. We have to read Touching Spirit Bear and prepare for your year-end exam but that won’t take the whole term. I’ve got a few ideas in mind but I want to know if you have any.

In my mind, Language Arts is about communicating ideas and being able to relate to and understand the ideas communicated by others. So what does that mean for you? If you have an idea that you’ve always thought (or just recently thought) would be interesting and worthwhile to explore in class, there is probably a way we can make it fit with the Language Arts curriculum. This is your opportunity to take charge and make sure you are not doing the same old “boring” work to finish off your year. I challenge you to take advantage of it!

For a little inspiration (and just because I think it is incredibly interesting and relevant to your education) check out the video created by the New Brunswick Department of Education below: