April 14th – Mike

14 04 2010

Rugby is better than track and field. According to Mike there actually isn’t any room for debate here. Rugby’s superiority over track is a statement of fact, not opinion. Do you agree? Why or why not?

For those of you who are perhaps not that interested in this topic as Rugby is not an option for you at SJK, perhaps you could blog about whether you think it should be? Is there enough interest for girls rugby here at SJK?

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April 14th – Mitch

14 04 2010

We all wear them, we all have an opinion on them, so what is it? What are the pros and cons of uniforms in your opinion? Should we do away with them or do they add something positive to our school environment? If you accept that they are here to stay how would you like to see them altered or improved?

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Strong Arguments?

14 04 2010

There were some brave souls who decided to voice their opinion this week. They all made their arguments in different ways. Whose post do you think was the most effective?

Brendan, Evan, Emily, Greg, Hunter, Aureon, or Will?

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The New Fantastic Four?

28 01 2010

I think we may need to contact Stan Lee right away and pitch the greatest team of hero’s the comic book industry has ever seen. They may not save the world from the evilest of villains but they will be sure to find the TV remote, secretly inflict pain, provide endless do-overs and float you to safety in an iridescent bubble!

They may not have made the most obvious super power choices but they provided solid reasoning for their decisions.

Nice work Hunter, Brendan, Lauren and Andie. With your powers combined, SJK will never come to any harm!