That’s All Folks!

22 06 2010

Your Grade Eight year and blogging have come to an end. Hopefully you enjoyed experimenting with blogging in Language Arts as much as I have this year. You have all turned into great writers over the course of this year.

Your blogs are all yours now. Feel free to keep blogging whenever you get the urge and keep up your site, delete it or just simply leave it up for you to stumble on when you’re 83!

Have a great summer!

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Strong Arguments?

14 04 2010

There were some brave souls who decided to voice their opinion this week. They all made their arguments in different ways. Whose post do you think was the most effective?

Brendan, Evan, Emily, Greg, Hunter, Aureon, or Will?

Don’t be afraid to comment below 😉

The New Fantastic Four?

28 01 2010

I think we may need to contact Stan Lee right away and pitch the greatest team of hero’s the comic book industry has ever seen. They may not save the world from the evilest of villains but they will be sure to find the TV remote, secretly inflict pain, provide endless do-overs and float you to safety in an iridescent bubble!

They may not have made the most obvious super power choices but they provided solid reasoning for their decisions.

Nice work Hunter, Brendan, Lauren and Andie. With your powers combined, SJK will never come to any harm!

Two Thumbs Up For..

24 01 2010

Olivia, Mitch and Keegan – for answering a seemingly silly question with a more serious and thoughtful message.

Snaps For…

13 01 2010

Maddie – made a simple and very effective connection to the past in order to better understand and explain what she thinks of the future and its exponential possibilities.

– took answering the question to a whole other level by doing a little research to really critique the video and the message it is trying to send.

Emily – not only answered the question thoughtfully but did so through a plant analogy that is incredibly effective and makes her main point easy to understand and visualize.

Poverty Reflection Comments

14 10 2009

Who knew that grade 8’s could be so thoughtful? I did of course and perhaps a few others but now you have successfully put proof out into the universe. I have read all of your poverty reflection posts and for your first venture into the world of blogging they were well done.

A few overall comments for you to consider in future posts.

* Just because you are typing your post right into blogger does not mean you can skip the editing stage of writing. Almost all of your posts have typos or missing words that would have been caught by a good editor. Before you hit publish, have someone else read your post and edit.
* Try and focus on one main idea for the entire post and develop it over the course of your 2 to 3 paragraphs.
* Use a combination of re-tell, relate and reflect in each post.

View these posts by your classmates for examples of solid level 3 work. Feel free to model your own writing after any of the strategies your classmates have used.

* Post focused around a clear main idea – Lizzie
* Creative use of supporting details – Alex
* Strong introduction – Emily
* Thoughtful conclusion – Lauren

Keep up the good writing!