May 19 – Lizzie

19 05 2010

Why don’t sequels ever live up to their original book or movie? Well, this is your chance to “write” a wrong! If you didn’t like the sequel, change it! Choose a book or movie and outline the plot to your standards. You could even plan out your own sequel to a book or movie that doesn’t have one. You could decide to select a mush romance, or you could go for a high-action thriller. I know I’ve mulled a few ideas over in my head. I like the sound of:

Batman 3: “There’s a Hole in My Cape”

Indiana Jones 5: “In Search of My Map”

Transformers 4: “Another Fender Bender”

Jason and the Argonauts: “Where’s my Helmet?”

So go ahead and have some fun! You never know your sequel could be the next huge summer blockbuster!

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