The New Fantastic Four?

28 01 2010

I think we may need to contact Stan Lee right away and pitch the greatest team of hero’s the comic book industry has ever seen. They may not save the world from the evilest of villains but they will be sure to find the TV remote, secretly inflict pain, provide endless do-overs and float you to safety in an iridescent bubble!

They may not have made the most obvious super power choices but they provided solid reasoning for their decisions.

Nice work Hunter, Brendan, Lauren and Andie. With your powers combined, SJK will never come to any harm!

January 27th – Will

27 01 2010

For this blog post talk about the classes here at school. The ones you like, dislike, or just find boring. Explain the parts of the classes that are the best and the worst; projects, textbook work, or taking notes.

Also if you could remove one class from your schedule what would it be? If you could have more time in one class, which class would you choose? If you could make a change to the schedule what would you change? I would have Wednesday afternoons off and have classes start at 9:30 on Mondays.

Or to make your life easier would you just skip school altogether and do some else entirely? Why?

Posts must be online by midnight Monday February 1st.

January 27th – Keegan

27 01 2010

If you had the opportunity to repeat a day in your own life would you do it? Why or why not?

If you would choose to repeat a day, which day would you do-over? Why?

Posts must be online by Monday February 1st midnight.

Just a Reminder

24 01 2010

Blog posts are due on Monday by midnight so that I can mark them Tuesday in time for Wednesday’s class.

Two Thumbs Up For..

24 01 2010

Olivia, Mitch and Keegan – for answering a seemingly silly question with a more serious and thoughtful message.

January 20th – Robert

20 01 2010

As you all well know Discovery Channel is a channel that is about science, technology, physics, and best of all – explosions. Do you really think that this is a channel that could be one of the greatest channels on the planet? Maybe you don’t like Discovery channel, why? Do you think (and this goes out to Tristan specifically) you would feel like the best scientist if Discovery Chanel loved your inventions? Answer any question that you want to answer and be creative.

Posts must be online by January 25th at midnight.

January 20th – Evan

20 01 2010

If you were a superhero, what super power(s) would you absolutely have to have?