October 28th

26 10 2009

On Monday morning SJK listened to some powerful words spoken to us by a truly remarkable woman. “Eva Olsson is a Holocaust survivor. But to the thousands of schoolchildren she speaks to every year, she’s a hero. To watch Eva in action is an inspiration beyond imagining, and the lessons she teaches go far beyond history. She talks of bullying and being a bystander. Of respect and forgiveness, and never giving up … no matter what.”

I will never forget the hour we spent in the chapel together listening to Eva speak to us. To witness a woman share such intimate and unimaginable pain for the sake of the lesson it provides the world is a truly selfless and admirable act.

The requirements for this weeks post are fairly open. Although it may be difficult to remember the photos, or recall parts of Eva’s story, reflecting on the lessons she wanted us to learn is the least we can do.

Write 2 to 3 paragraphs about your reactions to Monday’s presentation. You may write about any aspect of the presentation that you like, but if you are stuck some questions for you to consider are listed below.

* What impacted you the most?
* What will remember for years to come?
* Are there questions you wish you had answers to?
* Have you thought of ways to put Eva’s lessons into practice?
* Of all that Eva shared with us, what do you think is the most important lesson we should remember? What will be the hardest?

Post must be online by Thursday November 5th.

October 21st

21 10 2009

MS Team Building Day is not just a day away from classrooms and textbooks. It is designed to be much more than that. Write a minimum of 3 paragraphs about your team experience at Norval. Some points to consider:

* Discuss something that you believe you or your team did well.
* Discuss what you believe you or your team had trouble with.
* How did the day help you learn anything about being a leader or team member?
* What did the day show you about achieving a goal?
* Overall impressions.

Post must be published by Monday October 26th

Poverty Reflection Comments

14 10 2009

Who knew that grade 8’s could be so thoughtful? I did of course and perhaps a few others but now you have successfully put proof out into the universe. I have read all of your poverty reflection posts and for your first venture into the world of blogging they were well done.

A few overall comments for you to consider in future posts.

* Just because you are typing your post right into blogger does not mean you can skip the editing stage of writing. Almost all of your posts have typos or missing words that would have been caught by a good editor. Before you hit publish, have someone else read your post and edit.
* Try and focus on one main idea for the entire post and develop it over the course of your 2 to 3 paragraphs.
* Use a combination of re-tell, relate and reflect in each post.

View these posts by your classmates for examples of solid level 3 work. Feel free to model your own writing after any of the strategies your classmates have used.

* Post focused around a clear main idea – Lizzie
* Creative use of supporting details – Alex
* Strong introduction – Emily
* Thoughtful conclusion – Lauren

Keep up the good writing!

October 14th

14 10 2009

Ms Gallagher spoke to us yesterday about small but amazing things and challenged us to pay closer attention to such wonders.

In 2 to 3 paragraphs describe for your readers a small thing you have experienced or seen that was truly amazing to you. Use descriptive language and aim to create a clear picture of your small thing in your readers mind so that they too can experience how amazing it is.

Post must be online by Monday October 19th

October 5th (WeDay Participants)

5 10 2009

If you were not in class on Monday October 5th because you were one of the lucky few to attend the We Day conference in Toronto, your blog task for the week is to TELL US ALL ABOUT IT!

Ms Weldon is a wee bit jealous that she didn’t get to go (and not because the Jonas Brothers were there), so she and your classmates want to live vicariously through your post. Describe the setting, the feeling, the speakers, the lessons and the most important thing you took away from participating in this conference.

2 to 3 paragraphs – don’t forget a catchy title, strong introduction and memorable conclusion.

October 5th

5 10 2009

By October 13th the following should be posted on your blog:

Choose a quote from Tell Me Why, that is posted on the language arts bulletin board in your classroom. Write 2 to 3 paragraphs about the quote that include the following:

* Use the quote to start your post
* Explain what the quote means.
* Reflect on what the quote makes you think about.
* Connect the quote to something else you have read, seen, or experienced
* Leave your reader with something new think about or pose a question to your reader to comment on.

Remember a catchy title, strong introduction and memorable conclusion.

Poverty Reflection

2 10 2009

The first post on your blog should be your poverty reflection. This should be posted by the end of class on Monday October 5th.

You are also required to read the posts written by your classmates in either 8A or 8B and make a comment.